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Fix the Security Risks Hiding In Plain Sight

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Keep your dependencies fresh and your codebases secure.

Freshli sheds light on the darkest corner of your code and arms you with the tools you need to keep your software dependencies up-to-date. Outdated dependencies are open doors for exploitation. Freshli is key to managing this high-risk security vector.

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The Tools You Need

Understand Your Application's Security Risk

Freshness Score

Look at your code at a dependency, repo, project, or company level to see where your problems are and what to do next.

Time Traveling

See how your dependency freshness has changed over time. Trends help you make smart decisions and spot patterns.

Stakeholder Translator

Get relevant questions to start conversations with stakeholders and export beautiful slides that resonate with executives.


Nearly half of commercial codebases contain known high-risk security vulnerabilities.

Source: 2023 OSSRA Report

Pinpoint your risk.
Freshli helps you maintain an accurate, up-to-date Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). This critical inventory tool enables you to spot problems and prioritize fixes quickly.
Budget your fix.
Jargon-filled technical reports make it difficult for executives and stakeholders to understand the critical business risk that outdated dependencies pose. Freshli helps you make the case for your software maintenance budget with reports designed for financial conversations.

Get Traction with Action

Freshli’s easy-to-understand dashboards give you specific recommendations to help you remediate your current vulnerabilities and reduce your risk profile for the future. Dive deep into a single file or take a big-picture look at the dependencies across your entire project or organization.

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Freshli lemon logo showing a lemon sliced in half with a keyhole in the center of the lemon